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WAND Finance is a decentralized multichain farm yield project running on Binance Smart Chain, Polygon, and KuCoin Chain (soon).


WAND Finance will provide these services
  • Yield Farm: Earn WAND token by staking liquidity pool token and we have a unique feature on our platform that is called Random Lockup
  • Referral System: Earn TEABAG (2% of your friend's harvest) by sharing a link
  • Games: Earn TEABAG playing different games of the platform
  • Auto WAND(soon): Auto compound your WAND staking, so amazing feature.
  • TEABAG shares (soon): Stake your WAND and earn favors tokens such as USDC, MATIC, BTC, ETH...
  • DEX (soon): When the platform reaches enough liquidity, we will have dedicated DEX
Last modified 1yr ago
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